Friday, March 27, 2015

Garden Update

This afternoon Phil and I moved seven flats of red, green and Chinese cabbage plants plus cauliflower from the church garden room to the Career Center greenhouse.  A total of 120 plants.  About 90 broccoli plants will follow next week.  We will start the tomato and pepper plants next week, and we may also start some of the squash and other vines, rather than direct planting them.  Spring and the gardening season is definitely underway.  But, as an old Montana farmer, I am still concerned as to whether we have seen the last snow and freezing temps.

            HELP.   Next Thursday, April 2, we plan to bring a rental tractor with a power tiller and front end loader to the garden from Total Rental on Central Ave.  the purpose is to till the open area of the Mission Garden and then stack the compost for us to use on the plots and the rest of the garden.  My little pickup is not up to the task of towing the equipment trailer with tractor on board.  Does anyone have a half-ton pickup they would be willing to use or loan for us to bring the tractor to the garden in the morning and return ik around mid-day?    Need a little help here folks.