Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Community Garden Update 4-22-15

Morning Gardeners,

            Wanted to give you an update on the renovation of the Mission Garden sprinkler system.  A big thanks to all who have hefted a shovel to help with this project.  It is a major one.  And a special thanks to several who have been involved the last few days including Phil , Bill and Terry.  Yesterday we began reconnecting the pipes starting from the well house.  We dug out the maze of previous pipes and have started laying a more coherent network of pipes and valves.

            The plants in the greenhouse are coming along great.  And the seven trays of tomatoes, kale and herbs that were planted last week and placed in the church fellowship room  are starting to sprout.  We will start moving them to the greenhouse by the end of the week.

            I hope to start tilling plots today.  A number of you have verbally placed your plots on the “to till” list, but My memory is not always great.  Please let me know by return email if yours our ready to till. 

            See our Facebook page for photos @  St. Andrew Community Garden.