Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Garden Update 4-14-15

Thank you gardeners,

 We have had a great response from a number of you who can be available on Thursday afternoon to continue on the garden projects that were not completed last Saturday.  We will plan for either me or Phil to be there from 1:00 to around 6:00, so come when it best fits you schedule.  We will try to have activities that involve both light and heavy effort and those in between.  Forecast look like rain and possible snow showers on Wednesday, but warming again and sunny on Thursday.  Maybe we will luck out again for a good day to be in the garden.

I have a repaired part for the big tiller and hope it will hold up to do some more tilling until a new part arrives in a week.  We will try to get at some of the plots individuals have requested be tilled.

Hang on to your hat.  I think we are in for a windy evening,