Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Garden Update 4-15-15

Hi Folks,

            It wasn’t quite too much of a good thing, but it was more than we expected – the rain that is.  I understand we have received over half an inch of rain, and maybe up to an inch.  We certainly needed it, so no complaints from here.  I hope that the mountains got an extra layer of snow, as well.

            I am not sure how much work we will be able to do in the garden tomorrow afternoon.  We do have a few tasks we can work on that won’t be muddy.  One is potting up and planting peppers, kale, parsley, celery and several herbs.  We can also load up some trash to take to the landfill, and work on preparing the shed for painting.  By late afternoon it may dry enough to do some digging on the sprinkler pipes.

            If there are some gardeners with time available on Friday afternoon, we should be able to work on forming the raised beds and definitely digging pipe lines. 

            All your efforts are very much appreciated.  It is a very demanding time of the year to get the garden going.