Thursday, April 23, 2015

Garden Update 4-23-15

Hi Gardeners,

            Another great spring day with a small shower.  But it did not stop the sprinkler work crew of Phil, Bill and Terry.  Further progress was made on renovating the Mission Garden watering system today, and we are now moving towards getting this completed.  We are looking to get the wiring system in place on Saturday.

            The tiller is back in operation and Phil and Bill tilled the plots of those who sent in requests yesterday.  I have more requests this evening, and we will tackle those tomorrow.  Would ask those with weeds, particularly dandelions, popping up to get them clean out of their plots before they seed.  It is good to get grass and as many roots as possible dug out before tilling.

            We have two boxes of seed potatoes that need to be cut into pieces for planting on Saturday May 2.  We can split these into half-boxes and have an opportunity for four volunteers to do this. We have one volunteer already, so need three more. You could pick them up and do them at home or do them at the garden.  They should be cut by next Monday or Tuesday.  This gives time for the cuts to dry and scab over to protect them from infections. 

            Another opportunity for volunteers is to paint the shed.  Several people worked at scraping the trim boards during the spring work day.  A little more prep needs to be done and then the painting.  Any volunteers?

            Several people have offered extra plants they will have available for our gardeners to use.  I will be forwarding their info by separate email.

            With that I need to ring this down and get some rest for another day in the garden,