Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mission Garden Crop Plans for 2015

Hi Folks,

            A wonderful rain over the weekend.  It slowed down the work on the sprinkler lines, but we will be back at it today. 

            I wanted to share with you the plans for what crops will be planted where in the Mission Garden this year.  These are created using a gardening planning program from The Old Farmers’ Almanac.    There are separate plans for the North and South Raised Beds and the Open Area.

            Remember the potato planting party on Saturday morning at 9:00.  We usually get this completed inside of two hours.  I would like to then have some help forming up the raised beds for the South side.  We did the North side earlier.  It is getting close to planting time for many of the crops.  It is also time to start forming up the teams for each of these areas and a message on that will follow in a day or two.

            NOTE:  May Garden Committee meeting – Monday, May 4 at 6:30. 


2015 South Bed Crop Plan
2015 North Bed Crop Plan

2015 Open Area Crop Plan