Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mission Garden Sprinkler System

Hi Folks,

            Tomorrow I am renting a trencher to start work on revamping the entire sprinkler system for the Mission Garden.  I will also be trenching over old abandon lies so they can be dug out.  I am look for a couple of volunteers to help with this project over the next couple of weeks.  Qualifications include familiarity with PVC pipe and excavation equipment (shovels).  Let me know if you would like to help get this done.

            An updated version of the plot assignment map is attached.  Just a couple of additions and corrections.  Let me know if you see something that needs correction. 

SATURDAY WORK DAY:  We start at 9:00 and the weather forecast looks great.  Wheelbarrows are needed if you have access to one.  Yellowstone Tree Service dumped us a nice load of chips so we will be able to get paths up to snuff.  I am working to get more used carpet and may not have enough to meet the need.  I have had emails from a number of folks who have conflicts and can’t make it on Saturday.  We will post a list of projects they can work on individually. 

See ya Saturday,