Friday, April 10, 2015

More Mission Garden sprinklers

Weeeee!  With Phil’s help we ran the rental trenching machine from A-1 rental for nine hours today and got the ground work for the new Mission Garden sprinkler plumbing completed.  I think we may both be paying for it tonight.  Neither of our old bones were really up to that.  And I did not take a hat in today and have a little sunburn on the forehead tonight.
            Hope to have a crowd out tomorrow morning ( 4-11-15).  First priority is cleaning up and putting chips on the paths.  Second is to get the raised beds formed up.  And then there is a list of other tasks.  Enough to keep us all more than busy.  I am hoping a couple of extra wheelbarrows show up.  We have two at the garden and I am bringing mine, but we need more.
            I will have the coffee on by 9:00.  See you there,