Thursday, April 30, 2015

Update 04-30-15

Good Morning Gardeners, 

Sprinkler Project: Hooray!  The Mission Garden sprinkler project is nearing completion.  The rain this morning is delaying work today, but all the pipe work, wiring and pressure check should be finished by Friday.  A big thanks to a number of you who stopped by yesterday and gave a hand.  At this risk of missing someone, there were Bill Bischoff, Duane Arneklev, Doreen Gates, Shelley Thurmond, Stan Bayley, Bill Walker, plus two of our young gardeners who helped fill in trenches.  A shout out also goes to Holly Michaels and her friend John who have taken on the task of painting the shed.  Thank you one and all.

Seed Sharing Box:  I found a filing box that will hold the seed container and protect it from the elements.  It will be mounted on the east shed wall.  It will be up by Saturday.  It will have a good supply of seeds for you to choose from. Most of the seeds right now are from 2014.  As you finish planting and have packets with left over seeds, you can add them to the supply.  I am going to place a stapler in the box so you can seal the packets so seed does not spill out and get wasted.

Starting Carrot Seed:  Carrots are hard to get started due to their shallow planting depth and long time for germination – often 10 – 14 days.  The soil must be kept moist for that time or they will sprout and then die.  A good way to help get them going and keep the soil moist is to use a covering.  This could be grass clippings (but they blow away), a board, or a strip of carpet.  The carpet works very well. On the east side of the sheds by the orchard are a number of carpet strips that are just about the right width for a row. You are welcome to use these.  You will need to use stakes or rocks to keep them in place.  If you leave them on too long you will then kill the sprouts, so start checking after a week to see how they are doing.

Saturday Potato Day:  We will be putting 400 hills of spuds in the ground.  With a good turnout, we can get this completed in good time.  We need you to stay a little longer to get two other tasks completed.  The first is to form up the South Raised beds and the lettuce/greens bed.  The second is to fill in trenches.  We will plan to be done by noon.  If you are not able to come on Saturday, you can come on your own time and work on the trench filling until that is complete.

Crop Teams:  It is time to organize our teams for the south and north raised beds, the open area, harvesting and several other small work groups.  A special email will follow asking for any preferences that you have.  Gardeners with plots commit to participating in the cultivation of the Mission Garden and other common areas.  We welcome and value the participation of other volunteers and Master Gardeners.