Saturday, April 18, 2015

Update 4-18-15

Hi Folks,

          A big shout out to some folks who turned out last Thursday afternoon and helped move our spring agenda forward.  Over 120 pots of peppers (bell, Hungarian, anchos jalapenos), kale, basil, cilantro, and parsley were planted in pots and are now in the church to sprout before taking them to the greenhouse. 

A lot of digging also took place getting old sprinkler lines out of the ground and trenching for the new installation. We have a lot of open holes and trenches right now and I am concerned about someone twisting an ankle, so please be careful.  A number of the holes were to find the location of old pipes.  That is pretty well complete now and this morning I filled in all of the holes and trenches that we are through with.  Hope to have most of the digging around the plots finished early this next week.  We will be working in the Mission Garden for the next couple of weeks.

The water line with the faucet on the church fence is on and buckets and sprinkler cans available for any watering you need to do right now.  We are working to get the sprinkler system going on the plots as soon as possible.  That 1.1 inches of rain really helped out.

Thanks to Arlyne for planting the first increment of onions in the North Raised Beds  on Saturday.  We are planting them in increments so that harvesting can be spread out.

         That’s all for now folks,