Saturday, May 23, 2015

Garden watering and Memorial Day

Hi Folks,

            Made an early trip to the garden this morning to sprayed plants that were hosting the hatch of flea beetles.  Hope I got them before they did too much damage. 

            Lots of folks working their plots and a great crew helping Shelley get the south raised beds formed up.  Julie Schrock finished the planting of the beets in the north beds.  Sunday afternoon the Johnson family is going to plant  the entire carrotsbedand Holly Michaels  is going to plant the cover crop of dry beans on the north beds.  IT IS STARTING TO LOOK LIKE A REAL GARDEN!!

            It did not look as if we were going to get much moisture in the way of rain showers, so I set the sprinklers on the plots to run for a short 15 minute time this evening.  The surface may be wet first thing Sunday morning, but by afternoon it should be plenty dry enough for you to work your plots. If we do not get rain, I will put on a good watering Monday night, so don’t plan to do much on Tuesday morning.   

 I am going in to church early tomorrow so I can  apply another spraying onthe tomatoes and other plants that the flea beetles are going after.  It appears that they are also going after potatoes and peppers..  Bless the little devils! 

            This is Memorial Day weekend and Gail and I will be spending the day in my home of Hysham (70 miles east) for the ceremonies there.  The VFW honor team will be present, and the names of all the service men and women from Treasure County who died in action or have since passed away will be read.   The role goes back to WWI and it is a long one for such as small county.  When I was at Tuy Hoa Ari Base in Vietnam someone put up a map of the U.S. on a wall and people started putting pins in to mark where they were from.  States with large populations,  like Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania, had maybe one pin.  Montana had at least five.  A tradition of service runs deep here.   For most of the country it is just a three –day weekend.  
For me it is a time to remember three squadron mates who died in Vietnam, and several other fellow pilots who died in that conflict.  Please take at least a moment to honor those who have given their lives in the service of their country. 

God Bless,