Monday, May 11, 2015

Good Morning Gardeners

Good morning Gardeners,

            After a cool and overcast weekend, it is nice to see the sun back and the temps moving up.  I spent my indoor time going through your inputs on the garden teams.  The response was very good and it made it much easier to match people up and balance the size of the teams to the needs of each area.

            I have emailed the proposed lineup of teams in both Excel and PDF to the gardener email list.  Let me know if you see any errors or problems.  All gardeners with plots should be on a team.  Other Master Gardeners and other volunteers from whom I received a response are also included.  If you have not been included, please let me know promptly.

            Anyone who has a little time to stop by the Mission Garden and help fill in the open trenches, please do so.  Just don’t fill in the areas where there are valves until I get valve boxes in place over them.  The extended time it has taken me to get this project completed has pushed back some of the planting times for crops, but we should be able to get caught up on this over the next week or so.  More info on this to follow.

            All of the cucumbers Zucchini and yellow summer squash have been planted in pots and are ready to sprout and get ready for transplanting in late May.  That is the last of the starts and sets that we are doing.  We will have a total of about 450 plants in the greenhouse awaiting planting over the next month!

Have a great week,