Sunday, May 3, 2015

Potato Planting 2015

Hi Folks,

            A great group of workers turned out this morning to get the potatoes in the ground.  First a thanks to several of you who cut up the seed potatoes this past week.  Today we planted 440 hills in about one and one half hours!  There are 22 rows and half are in red potatoes and the other half is Yukon Gold.  After getting the potatoes taken care of, several stayed to help start forming up the raised beds for the South Bed area.

 And another big thanks to Holly Michaels and John Cribb for painting the shed!  It was very much needed.

            Also a thanks to those who have already responded to my email asking for inputs on the formation of the crop teams.  Hoping to hear from the rest of you in the next several days.  Plan to make up the team lists before the end of the week.

            GARDEN COMMITTEE MEETING – MONDAY, 6:30 in the church Garden Room.  Plan to be there to join in the discussions and planning.