Friday, May 22, 2015

Update 5-22

Morning Folks,

            A lot of you have been busy in your plots the last few days, and I expect to see many of you out there today and over the weekend.  Here are a few updates. 
Revised  Mission Garden crop plans and crop team rosters have been e-mailed to gardeners.

            Watering:  The surface of the plots was starting to get dry and many of you have shallow planted seeds.  I set the sprinklers to run (just on the plots) last night for 15 minutes.  That should leave some surface moisture without making it too wet to work your plots today.  The forecast for the weekend calls for possible rain showers.  If we do not get a good rain I will run the sprinklers for another short cycle on Saturday night and then a  good soak Monday night after Memorial Day.

            Crop Teams:  The team leaders should be contacting you soon and coordinating what needs to be done and who will work on what.  Shelley Thurmond (South Raised Beds) is has had an outage of her email server, so I have sent out info to her team until she gets back on line.  She is going to be in the garden today and would appreciate any help in getting those beds prepared.  I took the cabbage and cauliflower plants out of the greenhouse several days ago to harden them.  I will bring the cabbages in today, anticipating that they can be planted.  The greenhouse plants are looking great. 
            Mission Garden Sprinklers:  Close to finished.  Another big thanks to Stan  for filling in more of the central line trench. 

            Children’s’ Plots:   There is still one children’s plot available.  Does anyone have a young gardener 12 or younger who would like to try their hand at growing their own veggies?
            Seed Sharing Box:   The new box is located on the side of the shed.  I notice that right underneath it are a few tomato and other plants that someone has left for others to use.  Help yourself.

Enough for now!!