Friday, May 15, 2015

Wet Greetings Gardeners

Wet Greetings Gardeners,

            The wet weather is welcome in more than one way.  We certainly need the moisture, but it has also driven me out of the yard and garden to catch up on some of the paperwork and administrative sides of keeping this enterprise going.  Hence, this  email to catch you all up.

Meeting Minutes:  The minutes from the May 5 meeting have been emailed.  Thank you Beth Schatzke for taking notes and writing them up for us.  We want to engage more of the gardeners to attend the meetings.  What input do you have on what would build your interest in attending?

Mission Garden Sprinkler Project:  We are finally coming to closure on this.  Several of you have been very helpful in getting the trenches filled in.  A particular thanks goes to Stan Bayley, Clayton Croff and Terry Moore.  The last of the sprinkler head and valve box installations await the end of the rain.  Then we will test the system and be ready to go.  The trenches have precluded getting all of the raised beds formed up and ready for planting.

 Seminar on Herbs:  Master Gardener Gail Tesinsky, will conduct a seminar on the raising and use of herbs on Saturday May 30th at 9:00.  Gail works with the Big Sky Nursery in Laurel and conducted seminars on herbs for Master Gardeners and other groups.  I will get you more information later – but that is not too far away so get it marked on your calendar.

Teams and Work Groups:  I am working on the second edition of the team and group rosters to make a number of corrections and changes.  I should get that out tomorrow.  The team and work group leaders will then be getting in touch with you and coordinating who will be working on what.  

\Keep your seed dry,