Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Greetings Gardeners

Greetings Gardeners,

            Busy week and lots of notes for you tonight.   Overall, the plots and Mission Garden are doing great.  Lots of beautiful veggies growing out there.

            New Gardeners:  We had about 500 new gardeners join us this evening.   I don’t remember all of their names, but they are all lady bugs.  I scattered them throughout the garden at twilight and after the nice rain.  They will be looking for aphids and other insects to feast on.  We have had quite a few back from last year, but this release should boost the population. 

            Watering:  Phil will be managing the watering while I am gone.  The basic schedule is for Wednesday and Sunday nights, but this will be adjusted based on the weather, temperatures and moisture conditions.  Although some people experienced hail this evening, we lucked out and just had a nice rain that dampened the surface. 

            Bugs:  The flea beetles seem to have run their course.  Now we are watching for blister beetles and Colorado potato beetles.   Please provide Phil info if you see some so he can start spraying.  Another pest we have not mentioned is grass hoppers.  There were very few last year, but you never know what the new year will bring.

            Weeds:  Please stay on top of any weeds in your plots.  The bigger they get now, the more trouble you will have dealing with them alter.  Remember to also remove any weeds in or on the paths next to your plots.  If dirt from your plot has gotten mixed into the wood chips on the paths, please pull that back in to your plots so it will not be supporting weeds.  If you don’t want the chips mixed into your plot, then use a bucket to clean up the mixture and put it in the trash pile by the fenced composting area. 

            Buckets:  We have an excess of 5-gal buckets.  There are some stacked in front of the shed.  Please help yourself if you can use them at home. 

            Plant, Seed and Wood Exchange:  There are still a number of plants between the sheds that are looking for a home.  Also check the seed exchange box if you need additional seed.   Several cherry trees that died last winter have been removed from the orchard. Several people had expressed interest in using some of the cherry wood in their home smokers.   Two crates of smaller branches are between the sheds and you are welcome to take some home for your smoker. 

            Picnic, July 12:  There has only been one response to the call for input on ideas of what you would like to have for the picnic.  For the many new gardeners, we hold this on a Sunday afternoon around 4:00 and set up on the grass between the labyrinth and the plots.  We have grilled burgers, veggie burgers and chicken fillets and everybody brought pot luck for the rest of the meal.  Some activities that help us to get to know each other getter are usually included.  There will be a survey out shortly to get you inputs for the event. 

            Garden Meeting:  We had a seminar on herbs in lieu of a garden meeting in June.  We will have a meeting Monday, July 6.  Mark it on your calendar – more details to follow.