Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June 1st

Happy June 1st,

            As all you gardeners know, this is a busy time of year, and it is easy to hit overload.  At least I am finding it that way!  There are lots of topics to address at the community garden so here isa Monday update.

            Team Rosters:  An updated roster have been emailed.  Only a couple of adjustments.  The individuals involved know about them.  I had “MG” after some names to denote Master Gardeners.  But, we have two categories of Master Gardeners: those with plots and those who do not and are only volunteering to help with the Mission Garden. We are thrilled to have their assistance.  The roster has been edited to only list the latter category with the “MG” label so team leaders will know those who fit this category.  There are a number of you with plots who are Master Gardeners – don’t mean to slight you.

            Plots Available: Three plots have opened up.  If you know of someone who would be interested in joining us, please have them contact me.  And there may be someone who would like to pick up and extra plot.  The plots are #.s 73,74 and 81. There is also still one child’s plot open.

            Mission Garden:  Lots of activity in the raised beds and many of the beds are now planted.  Work in the vine crops and corn in the Open Area is getting started this week.  Please communicate with and support your team leaders to make this a successful effort this year.

            Bugs:  I am continuing to spray plants that are under attack; twice on most days. As soon as Lady Bugs are available at local nurseries, I plan to buy some and release them in the garden.  I am not sure they like to eat flea beetles, but it is worth trying.  We, unfortunately, do not have very much green vegetation yet, so most of them may fly away.  I will release more a little later.

            Watering:  The sprinklers were set to run Sunday night.  So it may be a little wet until mid-day on Monday.  There is thunder on Sunday evening as I write this and showers are a potential this week, especially on Wednesday.  We will adjust the watering schedule based on what moisture we get.

            Buckets Available:  We have a supply of 5-gal. buckets available. Two kinds: those with the bottoms intact and those with the bottoms cut off to be used around tomato plants.  There will be a supply of those with the bottoms cut off for you to use on a fence post near the plots. They seem to be useful in protecting young plants and I note that tomatoes with protective cans/buckets/water walls, have much less flea beetle damage.  The buckets can be left in place to hold branches off the ground better.  Wire cages can be added inside of them later, particularly for indeterminate varieties..  The whole buckets will be on a second post for you to take home for use.

            Garden Seeds:  The large supply of seeds we received from Village Nurseries is in a separate plastic container sitting on top of the seed exchange box.  They are 2014 seeds, but should still be very viable.  Plant a few extra seeds, in case the germination rate is down.         

            Cherry Trees:  Some kind soul has been digging around the base of the three dead cherry trees to provide access to the roots to remove them.  I thought it was Chuck Bushey, but he says it wasn’t him.  Who is our mystery helper?

            Chive Blossoms:  There are still several chive clumps around the garden with blossoms getting ready to shed hundreds of seeds.  Please remove the blossoms.  I have two clumps at home, and have picked two large bags full of blossoms.  I know that Beth Schatzke would like some.  Anyone else?

            Summer Picnic:  Our picnic in the garden is scheduled for Sunday, July 12 at 4:00 in the afternoon.  We need a small group of gardeners to help plan and coordinate the picnic.  Who would like to help?  Let me know.