Thursday, June 11, 2015


Howdy Gardeners,

            HOORAY!!!!  Yesterday we completed the last of the planting in the Mission Garden.  The first increment of lettuce and corn were planted earlier, and there will be follow-on plantings of the remaining increments of those.  

            Watering:  We had a great rain yesterday afternoon and I reduced the overnight watering.  We are forecast for some cooler weather over the next few days so the stress on a number of the newly planted seedlings from the recent heat and breezes will give them a chance to recover.  If you are using the buckets around your plants, be aware that the sprinklers may not drop sufficient water inside of them – the relationship of your plot and the buckets to the sprinkler heads will be a factor.  The bucket is great for creating a microclimate that reduces water loss and protects from wind, but you may need to do some additional hand watering until they have been able to develop a good root system.  This is particularly true if you are putting in large tomato plants.  If you are putting in tomato plants that are already blooming or have fruit setting on, you should consider pinching those off so the plant will put its energy into growing the root and vine first.

            Sprinkler System: Discovered that someone had messed with several sprinkler heads so they were not giving the appropriate spray pattern.  Please do not make adjustments to the sprinklers.  We have a few  individuals designated to adjust the sprinklers and operate the control box.  Please call me or Phil if you find there are problems with the watering for your plot and we will do adjustments.  A wiring problem has come up with one sector valve in the middle of the plots that we are working on.  In the meantime we are using a workaround and manual operation to be sure that sector is watered. 

            Bugs:  There still seem to be a few flea beetles around, and we are doing some spraying, but most plants are growing out of the damage.  There may still be a few replacement plants between the sheds.  We discovered that the one remaining cherry tree was under attack from mites yesterday, so it has been sprayed.  We are not going to have many cherries this year, and only a few of the apple trees are doing well.  We will remove the three dead cherry trees after we catch up on everything else.  Let me know if you find a good deal on replacement cherry trees. 

            Plots:  As of now, all plots have been assigned to gardeners, including the kids’ plots.  That’s great.  There are several plots that do not appear to have been worked yet.  Let me know if you are having problems or need some assistance.

All for now,