Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Howdy All

Howdy all,
            We had a great turnout for an excellent seminar on selecting, planting and growing herbs.  Many thanks to the several of you who brought treats for the group.           

Watering:  After the heat of yesterday, I ran a short watering last night to help freshen things up.  We discovered that the third section of sprinklers was not working.  There is a problem with the wiring to the valve, so I opened it manually and ran a good watering in that sector.  Will dig up the valve box and fix the wiring problem today.

Open Area:  A group of the Open Area Team turned out Monday morning and planted all of the vine crops and the first increment of six rows of corn.  We now have the added 14” tiller” and it works great between the potato rows and will also be perfect for the corn.  That will reduce the hoeing to weed these crops by a bunch. 

Extra Plants:   There are some extra plants left over from planting the Mission Garden areas in between the sheds for your use.