Saturday, June 6, 2015

Time For an Early Morning Update.

Greetings Gardeners,

New Gardeners:  We had several plots freed up, and they have been reassigned to three new individuals/families.  They are Adam and Alicia, Matt, and Kris and Scott.  Please greet and welcome them to our community of gardeners. 

Herb Seminar:  Hope most of you can attend the seminar on Monday, June 8, at 6:30.  Would anyone be willing to bring some tasty treats for us to enjoy?  There is one volunteer, so far.  Drop me an email or call if you would like to add to the fare. 

Flea Beetles:  They seem to be on the wane.  We hope it is the end of their cycle for this year, but there is the possibility that we are just between hatches.  There are a number of different varieties of flea beetles that have appetites for different plants.  We will continue to spray in between rain and waterings that wash off the organic treatment.  We are using a combination of Neem Oil and Spinosid.  

Picnic Planning:  Do you enjoy planning parties?  Then maybe you would like to be part of the planning for our annual Summer Picnic on July 12.  Email or call me if you would be willing to help with this. 

Rhubarb:  The rhubarb plants at the northwest corner of the Open Area need harvesting so they will grow back another crop.  There is not enough to pick and deliver to agencies right now, so help yourselves while it lasts. 

Garlic Scapes:  The garlic bed in the North Raised Bed area is now forming scapes that need to be cut off.  These are prized for a light garlic flavor in stir fries and other cooking.  They sell for astronomical prices in Asian markets.  If you would like to give them a try, please contact me and we will arrange for you to harvest some. 

Buckets:  We have a good supply of 5-gallon buckets that have not had the bottoms cut off.  Let me know if you could find use for some. 

AND FINALLY – Lessons Learned!  We are constantly learning new things about gardening.  My problem is remembering them the next time around.  Try keeping a garden journal to make notes of what and when you planted.  What varieties were best. New ideas for the future.  Things like, “Dear Journal – don’t put out tomatoes until early June when the flea beetles have subsided and the temps are high enough for them to grow.”   Or, “Don’t place plants so close together.” 

See you in the garden,