Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Garden Update - July 22

Hello Gardeners,

            The garden is looking great and the recent hot weather has brought the crops to their peak.  Lots of fresh veggies out there!!  Thank you all for your efforts to keep up your plots and the Mission Garden. 

            Parade of Gardens:   This coming Saturday, 4:00 to 8:00.  Katz H. is coordinating our participation.  She would welcome any volunteers to help with the events or cookies or treats.  You can contact her at 670-9521. 

            Your help in preparing the garden for this event is greatly appreciated.  I hauled the garden waste pile and remaining branches from the labyrinth trees to the landfill.  You can continue to place weeds and garden waste there.  Don’t worry about purslane or other weeds getting in the compost – we take it all to the landfill.

            Please contain your plants so they do not interfere with the path ways. 

            Mission Garden:  We have had four harvest days and have delivered over 200 lbs. of produce to the Rescue Mission and “Family Services so far.  All the garlic has been pulled and is in the west shed drying.  Great crop this year!  We are also pulling onions and drying them in the shed.  The rows of field beans in the North and South Beds were pulled yesterday and run through our shredder.  Many thanks to Duane A. for helping get this done.  The shredded vines will be tilled back in to those beds as green manure.  Great nitrogen generators, and that is why we planted them.  We keep approximately 25% of the crop area in fallow or cover crop each year to give it a rest.  Two beds on each side are in beans, one third of the long lettuce bed is fallow, and ¼ of the Open Area is fallow.  It is part of a four-year rotation cycle.

            Harvesting:  Monday and Thursday mornings at 9:00.  Usually done in an hour.  Come lend a hand, when you can.  We could use some more plastic shopping bags, if you want to drop those off at the shed.  If you have excess veggies that you would like to add to our deliveries, please let us know. 

            Watering: Continuing with plots on M-W-F early mornings.  Mission Garden M- Th-Sat evenings.  Please help keep the yellow cans in the intersections.  I know they get in the way and are easily displaced.  However, they are very helpful in determining if we are getting good water coverage.  Discovered from these that one of the sectors did not run correctly Monday morning.  They need to be in an open area and not under plants (or upside down) in order for them to give us an accurate reading.  Please put them back in place when you see them moved.

            Signs:  The signs along the sides of the garden have all been replaced with new ones.  They were getting faded.  Chuck Bushey provided us some triangle signs promoting the value of bees.  A number of these have been put up around the garden marking crops that especially need pollinators.
Weeds:  There is one wicked one that we need your help getting out of the garden area.  It is called “Goats Head.”  It grows close to the ground in a spreading fashion with very small yellow flowers – very similar to purslane.  However, instead of being a succulent, it has fern-like leaves.  This little devil develops seed pods about the size of a grape-nut cereal kernel with several very sharp spikes on it.  These will flatten tires and stick into your shoes.  We have had to repair the tires on wheelbarrows, tiller and lawn tractor due to these.  Please pull these out anywhere you see them and put them in the trash pile, or even in the dumpster to get them out of the garden.  Here is a picture of one on gravel: 

            Between the Sheds:  The plastic container with a variety of organic soil supplements is under the seed exchange box – help yourselves.  There is also a replenished crate of cherry tree branches for those of you who would like to use them in your smoker.
Enjoy all those veggies! 





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