Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Greetings Gardeners

Greetings Gardeners,

            Hey, it is really starting to look like a garden out there.  More green and less brown dirt in view.  Here are some update notes from the garden: 

            Watering:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the base-line times for watering.  We added one short watering last Sunday due to the extreme heat, and will supplement in the future, if needed.  The yellow cans have been placed at intersections throughout the garden for us to check the amount and distribution of water.  Please help us keep those in place.  I realize they are sort of in the way and easy to knock  out of place.  The sprinklers on the west end of each of the plot watering sectors have been configured to run 360 degrees so as to green up the grass between the labyrinth and the plots for the upcoming picnic.  The watering times have been upped accordingly to balance watering this extra area.  My focus today is to get an additional sector up and running to water the labyrinth and composting area.
            Bugs and Things:  At the present time we seem to be relatively bug free.  Only a few Colorado Potato Beetles have been spotted.  Let me know if you see more of them.  Chuck  found a large,  interesting worm in his plot yesterday. It was fat, green, and about two inches long with colored spots on its back.  He did some online research and discovered that it is most likely the caterpillar of a sphinx moth.  These are the large moths that can be mistaken for humming birds.  The list of their favorite foods include tomatoes!  Here is a web site if you would like to learn more:


            Weeds:  All we that can be said is keep at them.  Just hope that your crops are growing as well as your weeds?  Please place weeds and vegetative trash on the pile at the north end of the fenced compost area rather than the church dumpster..  Some of you have expressed concern that these will be composted and spread weeds in the future.  Not so.  I load these in the pickup and take them to the land fill, so don’t worry.

            Mission Garden:  It is amazing how quickly crops are maturing.  We will start some harvesting next week.  There are broccoli florets setting on and the first zucchini and crook neck squash are forming.  The garlic is also approaching harvest time.  The final planting of corn is emerging. Thank you all for your attention to your assigned crops.  .I plan to mow down the large weeds on the fallow section of the Open Area as green manure and then we will need to try and till that area.

            Garden Meeting:  Next Monday, July 6, at 6:30, in the Upper Room of the church.  (It is air conditioned!)  We will keep it short and informative.  We want your comments and suggestions.  Also need to finalize our plans for the picnic and for the Parade of Gardens on July 25th.

            Garden Picnic:  Sunday, July 12, 4:00 in the afternoon in the shade of the labyrinth trees.  Thanks for your inputs to the survey.  Carla helped set that up and it has provided some helpful information. 
We cannot see your individual responses, but get it an overall summary and percentages.  Under the category of side dishes, it looks like we are going to have a good supply of desert items.  Might be able to use a few more salads, etc.  Hope you can join us.
All for now,