Thursday, July 2, 2015

More Garden Notes

Hi Folks,

            After a long, hot day at the garden, I have a few more tidbits for you: 

            Watering:  Discovered one of the sprinkler stand-pipes in the plots broken off this morning.  Pretty clearly malicious vandalism.  Did not see any other problems.  It will be repaired tomorrow before the watering on Friday morning.  Got the watering systems for both the labyrinth and the orchard going. 

            Wood:  There is a stack of the logs from the labyrinth trees stacked by Cook Ave, and they are available to anyone who would like to take them home for splitting.  There is still cherry wood in the crates between the sheds for those of you who use smokers.  We will have more, as there is one more cherry tree to be removed. 

            Tomato Plants:  There are four tomato plants between the sheds that are left over from planting the Mission Garden.  They are a little straggly, but should be useable to fill in for plants that didn’t make it through the first of the season. 

           Cleaning Tools:  When you use garden tools from the shed, please clean them before hanging them back up.  We keep a pail of water by the tools and there are several brushes for that use. 

            Weed Control:  I am conducting a test of how well vinegar works in killing weeds.  It does a good job of killing bind weed vines.  I doubt it has much effect on the root system, so they will probably grow back, but several treatments might set them back pretty well.  I am also testing it on purslane.  It appears to be killing them, but the results are a little less spectacular. Next  I am next going to try it on the mats of purslane between some of the raised beds. 

That’s all folks,