Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back From Vacation Update

Hi Folks,

            Wonderful moisture lately and we are reaping the fruit and abundance of our labors.  Only a few items to highlight:

           Paths:  Still need to ask plot gardeners to trim back or control your crops so they are not intruding over or on the paths.  This is the time of year that we find we planted more than our plots will hold or too close together.  I do it every year.  I am going to be pulling out a zucchini so my kale and Brussel sprouts have adequate room.

            Weeds:  Yeah, I know – weeds, weeds, weeds!  This purslane is really a devil plant, but the only way to win with it is to pull it as soon as you find it.  And we really need everyone to keep working on their Mission Garden areas.  Some beds and rows are in pretty bad shape.  Keep working your areas even after harvesting.    If everyone does their share it makes it doable.

            Harvesting:  We have already delivered over 600 lbs. of produce.  The two beds of green beans are now producing and those are time consuming for our regular Mon. &Thur. morning harvest crew.  We are making a call for some of you who are not able to come in mornings to come out tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon around 4:00 for an hour or less to get them picked for delivery on Monday. 

            A big thanks to Phil Cowan, Karla Mahan, Carla S. and A. Anderson who have loyally turned out twice a week to do the harvesting.

            In addition to the Rescue Mission and Family Services we are now beginning to deliver a small quantity of produce to Tumbleweeds and Friendship House. 

            Excess Produce:  If you have more veggies than you can use, please give them to someone in need.  You can also give them to the harvest crew to add to the produce we take to one of the agencies.

            Garden Meeting:  Instead of regular monthly meetings, I decided to go more on an “as needed” basis, and we are approaching that point. We need to do some planning for fall work and the Harvest Dinner.   Mark your calendars for Monday, August 17, at 6:30.  We will keep it short and to the point as with our last meeting.   

All for tonight,