Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hot Day in the Garden

Hi folks,
            Well, was it hot enough for you today?  I think it topped out around 103 degrees.  I was at the garden until 3:00 this afternoon, but then called it quits. 

            Harvest continues to go well and we very much appreciate a few extra hands stopping by to give an assist.  Both Mary M. and Bonnie W. joined us this morning.  Phil advises that with today’s delivery we are just about to 1,000 lbs. so far. 

            We have an overabundance of crops on two of the raised beds that we are inviting our gardeners to harvest some for your own personal use.  These are the French beans (last bed on the north side of the North Raised Beds. - right next to the end of the plots), and Swiss chard ( a middle  bed in the South Raised Beds).  The beans are a small variety and are a bit tedious to pick, but I tried some and they are excellent eating. 

            Thanks to you all. As I was puttering around the garden a couple of days ago, I was struck once again at what a wonderful group of gardeners I have the privilege of working with and the magnificent garden you have made possible.  We have had many visitors come by recently, and all I hear is praise for what you have achieved.  Thank you all for being part of our community.

            Let me briefly highlight a few special people who have contributed so much to the garden this year.  (I do this at the risk of hurting feelings of others, so don’t feel you have been overlooked.):

            Phil C. – could not possibly keep things going without the steady dedication he makes to the Mission Garden.

            Harvest Team – Carla S. , Karla M., Arlene A. and other volunteers.  There every Monday and Thursday and leave with tired backs from picking.

            Annette and Stan B. – With the help of the rest of their work group the labyrinth looks the best it has ever been.

            Don J. – He is mister carrot and looks after the entire carrot bed by himself.  It is always perfectly tended and nary a weed – hard to achieve in a bed of carrots.

            Sandy W. – she has pretty much tended the flower bed under the sign by herself this year.

            Shelley T. – Many, many dedicated hours overseeing and working on the South Raised Beds.

            Katz H. – she stepped up and volunteered to take on running the Parade of Gardens for us this year.

            Weeds, weeds,  weedsWe really need your continued help in the Mission Garden to keep the weeds under control.  Even after crops have been harvest, we need your help to keep the weeds from taking over.  Please do your part to stay on top of the weeds in your assigned areas/beds.

            Garden Committee Meeting. Next Monday, August 17, at 6:30.  We need want your feedback and in planning for the rest of our year including harvest and cleanup days and the Harvest Dinner.  Please make an effort to be there.  We have switched to an informal format and are keeping it to an hour. 

            Summer Garden Festival.  The Housing Authority of Billings is holding a festival celebration at their community garden at White Tail Run in the Heights on August 22.  This is a pretty neat garden. 

All for tonight,