Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hello Folks,

          It is time to start getting applications in for plots this year.  The 2016 application form is now available. Click on tab for it.
Here are a few notes of explanation
The application form has been revised this year to place emphasis on the obligation we all take to cultivate the Mission Garden.  A small group of key gardeners reviewed our procedures from last year and helped revise the application form.

The survey of gardeners with plots conducted the end of last year reflected strong support for the Mission Garden.  However, the survey also reflected concern, if not frustration, that the work load was not equitably shared.  The willingness of gardeners to do their share was not the problem, rather it was an organizational problem of not clearly identifying work assignments and who was responsible for what.  That will be remedied this year.

The group of key gardeners also recommended that there be some level of proportionality based on the number of plots people were assigned.  We will make a distinction between gardeners with 1 – 2 plots and those with 3 – 4 plots.  Those with 3 – 4 plots would be expected to contribute a greater amount of time.  It was estimated that if all were participating on an equitable and proportional basis, the time contribution to the Mission Garden should average around one-half hour a week over the growing season for those with 1 – 2 plots and some amount more for those with 3 – 4 plots.  We realize that all crops are not the same and the distribution of work requirements over the growing season varies among different crops.  A time log sheet will be posted this year to track how much time individuals contribute to each crop so we have a better estimate of time requirements in the future. Gardeners will also be given more active involvement in selecting what crops or activities they will work with.

We will still recognize those gardeners with physical limitations and look for other ways they can participate and support the common effort. 

Final item for today. Please let me know if you are receiving these garden emails and are no longer involved in the garden and would like to be deleted from the group email list.  We are most happy to keep you on our email list even If you do not have a plot.